SWISS QUALITY made in the usa


Based in San Antonio Tx, Rhyno Military Timepieces has sold over 900 watches from the Rubicon Collections since January 2015. We specialize in small limited production or limited edition runs of 300 pieces or less. Quality over quantity is rule number one, as you can see from our details in our watches sharp cut edges, top grade swiss ETA movements and high end watch box. Our Cockpit instrument watch case design is one of a kind. The Rubicon case design elements originate from several instrument styles but do not mirror any. Pilots and aviation professionals recognize the accuracy and aviation feel of our timepieces world wide. The luxury Aviation Cockpit watch market is very small. With our bold and aggressive design, and constant innovation  we will be the number one choice in this space in the near future. As we grow we focus on out doing our previous models, and we have done just that with the 47mm Titanium Cerama. We have now set our eyes on in house movement engineering. If you are in the market for an Aviation Cockpit designed timepiece your looking for the Rubicon. Compare our specs.